Family Time Ideas During the Coronavirus Containment

Family Time Ideas During the Coronavirus Containment

If you aren’t sure what to do while you are home with kids, here are a few ideas…


The corona virus has families out there trying to figure out what to do. It’s time to show the strength that we have in our home. We get to show our families and the world just how strong we are and that we are overcomers.

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  1. Indoor water gun fight. I know what your thinking, but water is going to get everywhere. But isn’t that the fun of it? I think sometimes we are so busy being adults that we completely forget to enjoy life and forget about the mess. This will make everyone laugh. Plus, clean up is easy. It will either dry up or can be wiped up.
    indoor water gun fight
    Me hiding from my kids in the closet, preparing to start this water gun fight…
  2. Homework Bingo! If you have more than one person in school this works best. Fill out this bingo card with school subjects, marking off each task as they are completed, until bingo is reached. For example, whoever completes one row of assignments wins. Or you can play four corners, or whatever you choose. This will create learning opportunities for the whole family-that’s right adults…us too, you can add worksheets or chores for yourself. Remember learning is best done together. You can click to save this one below or download this blank one here.homework bingo
  3.  Indoor camping. Here’s a link to order an indoor smore maker. With some of us being in containment, we have to be inside anyway, so waiting for it to arrive will be easy. We like it use it to make hotdogs and smores. It’s always a great time.smores indoors
  4. Board games are great if you have flexible work hours. This can be done through video games or online with family and friends. Just remember to make sure to get some work done too. While this isn’t an extended vacation, you can still take some time to enjoy your loved ones.
  5. Pray together. I literally just created these prayer cards. They haven’t even been ordered yet. During this time I think that it is appropriate for them to be a free download. You can print them out and tape them together so that there is a front and back. The prayer goes on the front and “Answered” goes on the back. Write down whatever is on your heart and watch God work. Mark your prayers off as answered when complete. I think this a great idea, as it will give you something to look forward to.prayer card
  6.  Virtual performances. Just because our live performances and competitions have been cancelled, doesn’t mean that we can’t hold them virtually. I will be hosting a virtual concert for my orchestra student and any other student who needs it, from my home. And I think it would be fun to host a variety of virtual math and science fair competitions. We have this gift called technology.  We can use it to be unified even though we are physically together. 
  7.  Teach online for students and provide worksheets.  Open a Google classroom account and start teaching. Don’t be afraid to teach your kids. You’ve taught them so much already, you’ve got this.

If you liked this post, please share it with someone you know it will help. Love you all. Stay well and let’s maximize this time.

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